Be Super Today

Lean Team Expansion


Be Super Today is an online marketplace and community created to make it easier for people to buy products and services from charities, social enterprises and businesses who care about society.

They are growing a network of businesses who can support their vendors with advice and services that will help them achieve sustainable growth so they can do more good in the world.

Challenge and Opportunity

As a small team with limited resource and big ambitions, Be Super Today recognised that they would need to adopt a collaborative approach and apply some lean business methodology to get where they wanted to go.

Skills Hive were keen to get involved and together we designed a way of working that engaged affordable student resource to work alongside the existing team to deliver marketing objectives for Be Super and plug their vendor community into the business advice and services available through the Skills Hive network.


With an ex-corporate account manager in place to co-ordinate the wider team of student freelancers, Be Super Today get to develop and deliver their digital marketing plan while giving valuable experience to the next generation.

Using the Swarm events as a face to face touchpoint, Be Super Today have also been able to start delivering on their promise to provide free advice and access to affordable business support in collaboration with Skills Hive.


‘We were looking for a way to increase our capacity without increasing our fixed costs, but we also wanted to work with people who shared our ethos and our vision.

So far Skills Hive are delivering on both fronts and we are looking to expand on the types of work they do for us, building on the collaborative approach and the role of the Skills Hive team members in our journey.’

Sahil Sethi – Founder of Be Super Today