Consultancy and Development


Jascom is a family run business with over 40 years experience in Electrical Contracting. They deliver a range of services to business and public organisations including installations, maintenance, inspections, commissioning and design.

Having seen steady growth over the course of their history, it has become increasingly difficult to achieve as they find themselves managing a range of different business processes that have evolved in isolation over the years.


In order to sustain this growth, service contracts more efficiently and invest in further sales and business development, the company needed to introduce new technologies and systems as they worked towards a complete operational upgrade that will enable job scheduling, job costing, materials inventory, materials ordering and invoicing to be integrated and accessed through one easy to use interface.


Skills Hive initially engaged with Jascom to map their processes. Once we had an overview of the range of operational activities it became quite easy to review and prioritise the opportunities for improved efficiency. We took into consideration the top level impacts in relation to roles, activities, solutions and features with the detail helping us to focus on the first phase test plan development and the overview shaping the forward plan.


The testing and implementation of changes in their Invoice Data process allowed us to shift focus to the forward plan. The next engagement was test plan development for the introduction of a management system which facilitated remote filed job planning automating stock update replacing a manual system. While the project involved a lot of planning, the emphasis was always on phased implementation to deliver commercial value that would help fund the next phase.

Going Forward

Following the initial engagements, planning, testing and implementation the management team at Jascom now have a set of prioritised actions which can be reviewed and progressed in a structured way. They have a clearly laid out roadmap and tools that can continue to be developed in order to stay focused, make decisions about next step project phases and deliver the longer term business objectives with further support available from Skills Hive to implement.