An Agile Development


OSLR brings together teachers and students, facilitating education centred around bedside teaching. With a focus on patients, their app provides access to clinicians in a realtime environment.

All this makes it more efficient for students to access the most relevant experiential opportunities and the wider medical community to access the latest insights.

Challenge and Opportunity

Oslr developed a product to improve clinical bedside teaching. However, in order to take this to market the technology needed to be more robust and reliable.

Skills Hive were able to leverage their relationship with the University of Greenwich to create a flexible team of coders, programmers and developers coordinated by a Project Manager with sector specific experience; in order to design and deliver an affordable solution.


Under the coordination of the project manager, acting as a single point of contact for the client, Skills Hive established the technical brief with Oslr, verified and validated the requirements before the team engaged with the  development environment to begin coding.

Using agile methodology to break the work down into short sprints with each delivering specific value, the team delivered an automated regression test suite which highlighted any areas of weakness in Oslr’s product to be addressed before going to market.


‘Skills Hive delivered tangible growth through an agile App Development project, which went well beyond my expectations.

After having a previous poor experience with traditional outsourcing, I was delighted to find a more flexible and collaborative way of working that built my technical brief into clear milestones achieved with consistent quality.’

Dr Adam Pennycuick – CEO of Oslr, MBBS & MPhys