Zoo Design

Flexible Workforce, Consistent Quality...


Zoo Design has been around for over 10 years and in that time has built a reputation as a company that offers a thoughtful approach with effective creative solutions.

Challenge and Opportunity

As the company has grown its client base the demands on the core team have increased. This has led to unavoidable inefficiencies and pressures as non-core activities started to impact on their ability to deliver great design solutions.

Skills Hive were in a position to provide access to flexible developer resource, both for large scale complex solutions and simpler web build projects. With one point of contact to manage communications, briefing and quality; Zoo Design can now focus on their core design process and growing their client base.


Having appointed an Account Manager to support the management of Zoo Design’s project pipeline they could then begin to allocate work packages and projects to the senior Project Manager (paid on a monthly retainer) and the extended team of freelance and student developers (paid on a per project basis).

Communications are built around a Scrum board for each end client project with weekly sprints and reviews underpinned by a monthly strategy meeting with Zoo Design.


‘Working with Skills Hive gives me reliable access to developer resource when I need it, we have a senior PM on a monthly fee to co-ordinate the complex coding projects and the simpler sites are built by a more junior team. What’s great about it is I get to focus on my clients and the designs, knowing that the end product will be delivered with consistent high quality.’

Timothy Dawson – Founder and Creative Director Zoo Design