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Whether you need time to plan for growth or people to implement your ideas, our team of specialist project managers are ready to shape and deliver your brief.


If you want to scale your business with minimal risk you can! Get managed access to a flexible workforce to offload all the stuff you don’t want to do yourself. Freeing your time to grow your business.


Natural growth can hit a limit without the right systems and technology in place, we can help review, recommend, test and implement the digital solutions that free your business.


It can get frustrating trying to deliver something new and different when you’re surrounded by red tape and process. We can help you deliver innovation like a startup, agile, flexible and efficient!

An Agile Development...

“Skills Hive delivered tangible growth through an agile App Development project, which went well beyond my expectations.

After having a previous poor experience with traditional outsourcing, I was delighted to find a more flexible and collaborative way of working that built my technical brief into clear milestones achieved with consistent quality.”

Dr Adam Pennycuick  – CEO at OSLR, MBBS & MPhys


Helping Slenky stay lean...

“We love the Skills Hive model at Slenky.

The team have been running projects for us almost continuously since 2013, allowing us to scale up and deliver for major clients such as Sony and Microsoft, while we keep fixed cost infrastructure lean and agile.”

Cec Richards – CEO Slenky.com


Photo4Me are growing with us...

“Bringing on board a Skills Hive Project Manager has allowed us to plan for major growth this year.

They’ve put in place a strategy and marcomms plan that will turn our database of customers into revenue and profit, bringing in additional resource to make it all happen as and when needed.”

Kelly Hartstone – Data Analyst photo4me


I want to work more flexibly...

“Having made the decision to move on from Apple and the corporate world, I wanted to apply my tech sector learning and experience to help smaller businesses to grow efficiently.

After meeting Mike and the team I knew this was the way to do it, a new sustainable model that is great fun to be a part of.”

Alan Pooley – Skills Hive Associate Project Manager


Much more than paid work...

“For me Skills Hive hasn’t just been about getting paid project work, I’ve also received training, mentorship and support that has accelerated the development of my own business – and all while I am still studying for my degree!”

Diego Jenzer – Business Student and Skills Hive Project Assistant


Great insight and expertise...

“Mike and the Skills Hive team brought great insight and expertise into how we can address new markets and how we can use social media. He has demonstrated the ability to project manage across multiple stakeholders within an often complex environment, this has been managed with both speed and agility.”

Roy White – Global VP HR Sony Mobile



We get people and projects where they need to be!

Whether you run an established business or are just starting out, accessing our flexible resourcing model means you can grow without adding any fixed cost.

If you are looking to develop a more flexible working lifestyle you can join our growing team of associates and free agents to manage and deliver projects.

We help, freelancers, founders, parents at home, graduates, students, retirees, part-timers, career explorers, corporate escapees – just about anyone with skills to put to work in the hive!

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